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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Space to Make My Own

Yeah, I haven't been here lately... blogging has been pushed to the back burner after I added 30+ hours of work per week a few months ago. But I still think/act upon some crafty impulses and want to share them here!

I wanted to decorate my office. I found a Bazzill paper line that was just adorable and so I created a few items for the office.

Mod Podged some pattern paper onto canvases...

I dotted the red centers with Stickles and painted the sides of the canvas black too.

 Created a LOVE banner w/ photos of my family...

And add a few coordinating accessories... voila! A cozy, personalized office space.

And when I got my nameplate and biz card, it truly felt official! :)
Love my workspace, and love my job. Only downside: restricts my blogging time. :) I'll still try to visit once in awhile. So don't assume I'm gone!