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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Being Famous.

Would you want to be?

I saw Stacy Julian today at Target with her adorable kids.

I debated-- do I say hello? Do I leave her alone so she can get her shopping done? Does she like to be derailed from her to-do list to chat with adoring fans? I ended up just leaving her alone. But later I'd wished I had at least said hello.

I did have to share the news with someone who understood. So I texted my friend who always "gets me" when it comes to silly scrapbooking connections and relationships. I said: "Dude. I just saw Stacy Julian in Target."

A few minutes later, I get the following response: "Shut up! What is she doing and buying? You should stalk her. JK."

It made me laugh. And I know she was "JK"... just kidding. But it did make me think.

Is "being famous" worth it? I get that there are different levels of famous... from an incredibly creative woman and mom who is known by thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) scrapbookers, all the way up (or down?) to those individuals whose faces don't seem to ever leave the pathetic gossip magazines that stare at us each time we purchase groceries. But either way, these people deal with others around them-- known or unknown-- who think they know who they are. But do they really KNOW the person behind the fame? And is that a good thing? Or is it just too bad?

What do you think? I'm just curious.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

More Picnic Layouts

I have a couple more scrapbooking creations to show to you...

This layout features more family picnics through the years in a variety of locations. The kids make any excuse to have a "picnic"! (I "wove" kraft paper to make it look like a basket.)

And... a "practical" item. A doorhanger! When we grill at our house, we bring the cooked food inside and leave the grill on high heat to burn off any remnants of food. I've been known to forget about it. Hence, a doorhanger to remind us that the grill is on. It also lets the kids know that the BBQ is hot to the touch. We'll see if it works!

Where is your family's favorite place for a picnic?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

What to do.

Wish I knew.

I don't. And I'm unsure what to do now. I'm just worn out.

We're going on almost two years now of Allison's extreme anxiety of being separated from me.

Once we're apart and she feels safe with another adult (the school teachers that she's grown to trust) she's fine. But EVERY DAY in MULTIPLE SITUATIONS she gets scared that I'm going to leave her in an unsafe place with unsafe people. I have had her as my shadow constantly asking "mom, what are you doing?" as if I'm planning an escape.

Tonight I feel like I need that escape.

I'm sure tomorrow I'll pick back up with my reassuring, loving, patient cheerleading of "you can do it", "you'll be okay", "I'll never leave you"... but thank God I have about 10 hours of time until she wakes up and needs me again. Cause right now I need a break.

I love this girl SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much. But it's HARD being her mom.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Picnic Time!

Just posted some new projects to the Design Team blog... using some adorable picnic themed papers. Here's a sneak peek:

Eat watermelon!