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Saturday, May 24, 2008

I'm Letting Go

Okay... long post, but a big story!

I've found a new christian artist that I absolutely LOVE-- Francesca Battistelli! I've been groovin' and singin' along to her tunes this week, but really took one to heart today.

It all started when my husband suggested we drive to Steptoe Butte with the family today. I made some grumpy comments at his suggestion... driving to a hill in the middle of nowhere isn't my thing. But, knowing my husband would love it and so would my kids, so we packed a lunch and loaded up the truck.

To keep my spirits up, I popped in my Francesca EP and started really listening to the words of "I'm Letting Go". Check it out for youself, it's a catchy tune!

When we had almost reached the top of the butte, we noticed some guys w/ parachutes preparing to paraglide. No way!?! We were actually going to witness something amazing from the top of this hill in the middle of nowhere! It looked like so much fun, but such a risk, too. Here's some photos:

So... things began to come full circle. The lyrics... the paragliding... a decision I've been contemplating...

How are they connected? Well, first some more about "the decision".

I've been a stay at home mom for 4 years. Recently I've been feeling the pull to get back into the workforce-- mainly to help pay for GAS and groceries. Ugh.

During my "stay at home" time, I've kept myself extremely busy at my church in various children and family ministries (as well as my favorite times singing with the praise band). I've loved serving, and feel that God has called me to work with families at the church and in our community to have safe, fun, faith-based activities together.

So when a new opportunity to lead the mom's group at EBC came up, I pushed the idea aside knowing I was starting a job hunt.

But my heart kept turning toward the group. Could I actually do it? I've never been a leader of a christian study group... and am I a good enough christian and mom to set an example to these other godly women? Do I have the time to put my best effort into the group? Will taking it on be good for my family? It seems it's a clear direction for God's will for me... but is the risk worth it?

Now... back to the paragliding. Sure, there is a serious risk involved in throwing yourself off the top of a rocky hill, but I get the feeling that once those men were airborne their view of the Palouse was even more glorious than when standing on the road at the top of the butte. So was their risk worth it? You bet!

And now the tie-in of the lyrics from her song:

My heart beats, standin' on the edge
But my feet have finally left the ledge.
Like an acrobat, there's no turning back...

I'm letting go
of the life I planned for me
And my dreams
I'm losing control of my destiny

It feels like I'm falling
and that's what it's like to BELIEVE

So I'm letting go...

This is a giant leap of faith
Trusting and trying to embrace...

The fear of the unknown, beyond my comfort zone

giving in to YOUR gravity...
knowing YOU are holding me...
I'm not afraid!

Okay God. I'm listening. Those were MY plans of getting a job because I just didn't think we could live without more income... not Your plans. No job opportunities have popped up, but a great chance to further Your kingdom has come up. And I'm going to take it. I'm going to take that leap of faith. And I trust that You're going to catch me!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Moscow Renaissance Fair

On the first Saturday each May the town next door to us hosts a Renaissance Fair. It's wild!!!

The arts ABOUND there. And this year, I definitely noticed the abounding COLOR too. So, I made a little rainbow slideshow for you to enjoy.

Fantastic music, food, arts and crafts, Maypole dancing, kids activities... and it's all FREE! Put it on your calendar to bring out your tie dye and join us next May!

The Finished Product

I've finished my project and already given most of them away! How fun to give little gifts for no reason other than a gesture of friendship.

Here's the headbands that I made-- half with one fabric and half with the other. And of course, two that were child sized for my sweet daughters.

Like them? You can find the free pattern by Heather Bailey on her site. They were super fun and easy to make. And now that they're gone, I can think of so many other people that I'd like to give them to... so, off to the fabric store for round two!

Monday, May 5, 2008

"Angie Homemaker"

When I realized what I was going to be blogging about this evening, I realized the activities are quite
"homemaker-ish". Guess that's good since when filling out surveys and they ask about your vocation I always check off the little "homemaker" box. Lousy compensation, but SUPER rewarding! (Anyone else with me on that one?)

I was working last night on the sewing project I mentioned in my last entry, and then couldn't resist taking it out to the hammock swing to work in the sunshine today (along w/ my iPod Shuffle and Diet Berries and Cream Dr. Pepper... yummy! Sat there while the kids played in BUCKETS of water-- hours of fun!). What a blessing this sunny weather has been!
And I got a strange craving (no... I'm not expecting) to make TAFFY like I'd learned in a candymaking class I took DECADES ago. It was fun to play in the sticky stuff with my 5 year old today (Who, by the way, has informed me that when she grows up she wants to be a cook. Or a gymnastics teacher. Or a mom. I told her she may as well do all three at the same time!)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy NSD!

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!

My original plan for the day was to spend three hours doing a free online video class from the CK website. I know, I know. I told several of you about my plan, and now you'll see I had to abandon the idea. After having a hard time finding the basic AND the inspirational supplies, I decided to postpone it. And when I realized the class was 1-4 pm EASTERN time I really realized it would be impossible (that's 10-1 my time... which included lunch for 3 kiddos and getting nap/roomtime underway... on my own 'cause my hubby's at work). SO, I hope to take the class after I eventually get the right supplies and find three free hours to do it. After seeing the final product today, I really want to get to it sometime soon! Maybe you will too. Check out this fun mini-book class here.

INSTEAD... I visited a fave site: Designer Digitals. I tried out the "30 Minute Masterpieces" challenge and had a whirlwind of fun doing a fast digital page. I'd definitely have spent more tweaking time on it if allowed, but I think the page turned out pretty good for as fast as I blew through it! Here's my layout:

Now I'm off to edit some photos that have been patiently waiting on my hard drive, and I think I'll finish out my scrapbooking day with a little sewing on some gifts I'm making for sisters and friends. Keep your eye out for a future post on that!