mem oirs (mem'warz) 1. an autobiography 2. a record of events based on the writer's personal observation and knowledge

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Sugar Bowl is Open for Biz!!!

And you better get there before winter comes when ice cream just doesn't sound as good!
As a first day of school treat, one of my greatest friends CARRIE and her five fantastic kiddos came up with the plan to meet at the newly opened ice cream shop.

After doing my "photo shoot" of their signage with the logo I created, I got to sample one of their Custom Creations. I forget the actual name of it... but it was choc full o' brownies, fudge, peanut butter and chocolate ice cream... mmmm.... sweet chocolatey goodness! I took a picture of the deliciousness... and her cute apron too! I want one!
The kids enjoyed their treats too, and were on a crazy sugar high for hours after. Yoikes!

Fun with Photography

I always like to try new things with my camera, and I had a perfect opportunity the other day.

My girls were jumping on the trampoline at G&G's house. But the best view for the photo was looking directly into the sun. So, instead of sacrificing the great view by facing a different direction, I decided to GO WITH IT and take some blackout shots right into the sun. I think they turned out really fun! What do you think?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Picture Frame for Mya

I saw this project on a scrapbooking show and just had to try it out for my new niece, Mya. Isn't it great to have four spots for photos that can be added over time yet the whole frame is pretty enough to leave up as artwork until we get the precious photos as she grows???

Thanks to some professional advice from my friend Anita and some great product from my LSS- Paper Pals, I think the frame turned out really great!