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Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Fave-- Small Town Newspapers

I've loved the little neighboring town's newspaper "The Eagle" for many years. I once even worked for its sister publication (The Boomerang) selling ad space.

These small town papers always share the best news. The writing isn't superb (I imagine that as a reporter your writing abilites come second to your gossiping capabilities), but there are tidbits of joy to be found in each issue.

I remember in junior high when a friend and I went with  my mom to visit my Grandma over near Troy. Nothing out of the ordinary, but when a local "reporter" called my Grandma the next day the "news" of our visit (complete with our lunch menu) made the next issue.

My recent passion is photography, so I love to see what the news photographers capture here on the Palouse.

On the front page of their last issue, their photo was spot on.  Wanna see it?

Yep. That's my son. :)

Grant hung out with Grandma and Grandpa that day. The photographer doesn't even know it, but he caught a photo of the epitome of my son. "Grandpa's Side Kick" hat, "fast pants", and snow gloves as "work gloves". Mouth open, joyfully working in the dirt with farm/construction equipment. NOTHING makes my son happier than this scenario. This photo is Grant.

The caption reads: "Baseball tournament? What baseball tournament? Four-year-old Grant Lenssen, grandson of John and Betty Sawyer of Potlatch, finds pushing gravel with a toy bulldozer is far more interesting than watching the Loggers play in the 1A State baseball tournament at Lewiston's Airport Park May 22."

I'm enjoying the passion my son has for dirt. I wonder where it will go as he grows older. Will he always love it? Is it a glimpse at the way he'll live his life???

I'm good with that. But I DO hope that one day he has enough interest to watch baseball or even play it. It's one of mommy's favorite sports. :)

Do your kids (or did your kids) ever have a particular consuming passion? What was it?

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H Love said...

Dirt Boy! you guys have to check out that book!!