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Monday, April 4, 2011

Little Things

Decided to brighten a friend's day-- Amy has been sick for almost a full two weeks. The flu and then bronchitis. Poor thing! And she's a mom of three who had them all home for spring break last week. She didn't even get to make the week off a fun family time.

Knowing she's sick and tired of being sick and tired, I figured she could use a pick me up. So I threw together this little treat for her today:

(including her favorites-- freckled eggs and mini eggs! Yum.)

BTW-- Girl Scout cookies and Easter candy are kicking my behind. Or, rather, making it bigger. I gotta change my eating habits SOON!


H Love said...

awesome!! you are so sweet!

Shelle and Dan said...

So sweet and creative!
I totally agree with what you're saying about Easter candy. Why does Easter of all the holidays have the very best candy?

Amy said...

And she TOTALLY loved it! Even her appetite came back just in time to enjoy them last night. Thanks again friend!!!

Amy said...

And by the way, Justin was SO impressed you cut out all those letters by yourself!