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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Picture Frame for Mya

I saw this project on a scrapbooking show and just had to try it out for my new niece, Mya. Isn't it great to have four spots for photos that can be added over time yet the whole frame is pretty enough to leave up as artwork until we get the precious photos as she grows???

Thanks to some professional advice from my friend Anita and some great product from my LSS- Paper Pals, I think the frame turned out really great!


Shelle and Dan said...

The picture frame is really pretty and I'm sure Julie will just love it. I like all the lovely details you included.

Wubben World said...

LOVE that just paper and emellishments being glass?

Karen said...

What a neat idea! Great gift!!

Kathy said...

Thanks for the info on this...would love to try one someday!
By the way...posts with a parent and their individual child is really fun! Thanks for the comment!

Becky said...

This frame is adorable!! What a cute idea...and it will be adorable until the pictures get put in, too. Your logo looks great!!! Makes me want to make a trip just for ice cream!