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Monday, September 29, 2008

"Big Boy" Room...

We've been making gradual changes to my little guy's bedroom as he's transitioned from a nursery to a "big boy" bedroom, and the most recent was the completion of wooden letters on the wall.

I'd seen ribbon hanging so many of these things to a wall, but there was simply no ribbon to be found that matched my son's personality. SO-- to the hardware store and dollar store I went! I bought some links of chain and two dollar store race cars with cool wheels (bummer... 5-letter name required TWO cars...) and this is what I came up with:

The best part...

Not even one whole hour after I was finished and Grant was playing with a three-wheeled car, he decided to "fix" the car. Next time I find him he's pulled a dining room chair onto his full size bed, crawled up on it and pulled one of the wheels off the wall to re-attach to the car. Seriously, I'm surprised we didn't have an emergency room visit with that stunt.

Then today, he continued to prove that he's ALL BOY. I had the van in the driveway, windows open but doors locked. Grant likes to play inside the vehicle WAY TOO MUCH to risk leaving doors unlocked. When I noticed the quiet (and all Moms know there's trouble then!), I checked on him... but all I saw was his red wagon next to the van. Pretty soon I heard him, and realized he was inside the van... but the doors were still locked! Then I thought like an almost three year old BOY thinks... and discovered that a little red wagon was in just the right height and position to allow one to crawl in through the open window of a van!

Clever, he is. In trouble, I am.


Anita Cory said...

Hi friend,
Hmmm...yes, all boy...I have two of will only get more interesting. Perhaps Grant and Harrison should not ever be allowed to have a play date? Ha Ha!

Kathy said...

Love your letter hanging idea!! I used ribbon but this is much cooler...and totally boy!!