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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Approaching the top of the hill...

35. Now closer to 40 than 30.

Yesterday was a great birthday though! I got to enjoy a rare dinner out with just my hubby-- what a treat! We went down Memory Lane and headed to Gambinos in Moscow.

In my college days it was a dive of a joint that was really only good for its FISHBOWLS (large glass punchbowls that hold beer)... and it was conveniently located just a block from my apartment at the time. :) Thankfully, it's been upgraded in my adulthood to a great italian restaurant at the same location. Yummy! Even had cheesecake with huckleberry topping for dessert. (And a shout out to my birthday buddy Katie who should have been here to join me for a reminiscent visit to Gambinos! Happy bday to you too!)

And, only on a birthday... when I got home the kids were in bed but my parents who were there watching the kids (thanks, mom and dad!)had gotten a cake for me... so I let the kids get back up to eat chocolate cake at 9 pm. Insanity like that only happens on a birthday...

Great day. And thanks, friends, for all your sweet greetings throughout the day. They really mean a lot!

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Mark said...

Happy Birthday, auf Deuschland!
Thanks for jogging the fishbowl memory. So you could walk to a Derailer in the day too, eh?