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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bugs. Gotta love these.

Wanna do a fun kids party themed in bugs?

My cousin's wife Audra is a cake decorator, and she made these ADORABLE (can bugs be adorable?) little cakes for her 2 year old's birthday.

And my sweet niece Mya who turned one almost a month ago had a ladybug party. Her mom and Aunt Brit worked hard on these creative, cute and TASTY little ladybug peanut butter balls. So yummy!

And, after scanning Google images, here's a couple more ideas to throw out for a bug party. A Bug Scientist Specimen box w/ the party invite inside!

A party favor bucket/craft idea-- easy, inexpensive, fun!
These caught my eye and made me want a toddler again (something tells me that my almost 9 year old won't spring for a bug theme...).

Enjoy! Hope these ideas by creative people inspire you, too.

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Kaydub said...

So cute!
You up for a "scrap" date soon?