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Monday, March 8, 2010

GREEN Scrappy Storage

Okay-- let's get real here, scrapping friends.

I'm willing to bet that your scrappy spaces aren't quite as cute, organized and STOCKED UP as the ones you see in magazines.

Yet, I'm quite sure that you have some system of storage for your scrapbooking supplies. It may be a Rubbermaid tub in a closet, but you have a space for the stuff you use for this great hobby.

In the interest of 1. saving money and 2. saving the earth, I've collected a variety of repurposed items to store my scrap supplies. Here's a photo of my whimsical little collection:

Do you recognize all these items? Like the look and want to use it too? Here's what they are:

1. canning jars. I'm quite sure these all once held fruit. Or veggies. Or jam. Yum!My fave is the blue glass canning jar with the glass lid. Love those classics.

2. a bandaid box. Yup. It's the smaller plastic one in the front holding paper flowers. Haven't seen bandaids in these for a long time, but I like that I saved the packaging for this when I got it!

3. a licorice tub. I should have an entire bookcase with these considering the amount of licorice I eat while scrapping. It holds ribbon spools well and I can find what I want before even opening up the top.

4. floral arrangement containers. These are my really "green" items. A basket and the frog. Got a beautiful potted plant in the green basket long ago, and since I don't have a green thumb, I used the green basket to stash my stuff. The green frog is the best-- while in high school I was given a potted plant that lived in this adorable pot. The plant is long gone, but now my writing utensils have a happy little home inside this ceramic critter.

My newest addition and FAVORITE container was a birthday gift from my friend Anita. I just mentioned it to her one day, saying how cool I thought it was... and when my birthday came she showed up on my front step with this gift! Don't you love that? Thanks again, Anita!

These are actual bottle caps. I miss drinking soda from bottles (Thankful I can still enjoy a bottled beer now and then, but their bottlecaps just aren't as colorful). When I saw this basket at the Bookie on the WSU campus, I was intrigued. Here's what the label reads:

Recycled Bottlecap Magazine Tote
In Africa most sodas are still sold in glass bottles, and the bottlecaps become waste and litter the streets. The bottlecap art was born out of artist's need to find alternative sources for materials to use in their products. They cleverly found their new material in this colorful, durable and reuable waste. This is both-- a great new resource for the artists, and great for our planet.-- MBARE Ltd.

It's a great space to hold various embellishemnts in flat packaging. Isn't it clever?

So-- what "green" storage do you use for crafting? Please share your ideas!

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mommyneedsanap said...

I love these ideas! I'm looking around the house right now to see what I can find! Do you travel with the jars? I'm always worried they will break in transit to scrapbooking events. Or are you organized enough to just take what you need for the night and leave the jar at home?