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Monday, October 18, 2010

All You Need is Love

I'm back, peeps.

One of the best parts of my annual scrap weekend is my Sunday morning "church service". Our group generally packs up to head out by lunchtime. But since I don't have a long drive home, I spend a little time with God up in the mountains of Idaho.

Just me and God. No one else. (well, the Palouse Divide resident dogs Max and Noser joined me for a portion of my quiet time yesterday). I hike the hill, find a serene and scenic spot and read scripture or a book (yesterday it was Crazy Love by Francis Chan) and pray. Sometimes I sing, too.

Each year God pulls me a little closer to Him. And He reminds me of His great LOVE for me. Undeserved love. And I'm sure thankful for it.

Taking time to remeber God's love always refuels me to love others beyond what they deserve, too. So, because God gives second (and third... and fourth...) chances I'm working at it again: trying to remove worldly distractions that pull me away from Him and instead focus on sharing the love of Christ.

Since it was a scrapping weekend, I'll share a couple of my favorite layouts where I've shared my faith. I hope to do more of that in the future-- passing on what I believe to my kids and anyone else who runs into my scrapwork. Starting with YOU! :)

(I can't show the entire layout for this one... it's out for publication!)

Thanks for stopping by. May you see God's love today.


H Love said...

where can you I find them??

Melissa K. said...

Hey, thanks for accidentally happening upon me! I didn't know you blogged - looks like you've been at it a good deal longer than I. I'll enjoy following your family!
- Melissa
p.s. you look like a total rockstar in your most recent pic. Rock on.