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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Be Still

I've been overwhelmed and anxious recently... realizing that I'm in over my head when it comes to my over-scheduled days.

Most things I've been doing are GOOD-- regular exercise, taking time for kids homework/AWANA verse memorization, meeting with small groups in christian fellowship, etc.

But one key priority I've let slip away for awhile. It's the time I should be spending being STILL and knowing God.

I've been blessed to have little retreats over the last few years where I take time to listen for God while I'm I'm located in a scenic and quiet location of God's creation. Unfortunately, these once a year visits cannot grow my relationship with God enough. I would most benefit my walk with Him by taking time every day. At home. Among the busyness.

So my goal is to find a bit of time each day to BE STILL. To add to my current prayers during chaos and reading of the word while other things are going on. I believe I need to have complete quiet to really hear from God.

I created a layout to remind me of this (instead of a string around my finger, it will be framed in my dining room where I'll see it many times each day). I trust that seeking God each day He will remind me that He is the great "I AM"... he's everything I need to get through each day. I use Psalms 46:10 on my layout.

This layout was in response to a challenge at Nana Campana's "My Paper Tree House" Blog. I have been so blessed to "meet" Nana via her blog and see her passion for seeing God's fingerprints on all elements of her life. It's become the center focus for her scrappy business and I would love to use my scrappy skills to grow my relationship with God the way she is. Thanks for the inspiration, Nana!


H Love said...

very inspiring!

Kristi said...

A little quiet time for centering among the chaos is always a good idea. I love your layout and I think visual reminders go a long way in inspiring us to be our best selves.

Elizabeth said...

Be still.. What a huge thing most of us are going through!!! May you find yourself being able to bask in Him while being still!