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Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Fave-- John Deere Gear

My son loves tractors. Anyone who knows him KNOWS he loves tractors.

So we also like clothing that talks about tractors or has tractors on it.

Here's my son's favorite shirt.
Sad story-- he was being cared for by lovely people who were generously giving their time to help me. But they gave my son craft paint that was not washable and he got it all over his favorite shirt. Glittery paint. And I can't get it out. (I even scrubbed it with one of those magic erasers-- those things are incredible and have saved me from other art supply mishaps, but no luck on fabric.)

Guess we need to keep our eye out for a new shirt, but does anyone have any ideas on how to get paint out of clothing?


H Love said...

I say contact John Deere!

Crystal said...

Oh!! Love this!

Even though we don't have a boy, and we *ahem* are for RED tractors (wink)...I STILL love this pic!!