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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Three Kids.

I was a bit nervous for this shoot-- three busy kids that I needed to catch in still motion. :) But there was no reason for me to be nervous, it was a ton of fun!

Thankfully, they were in great moods. We had a lovely location (Sunnyside Park) where kids could run and I could chase them with my camera (knowing there were decent backgrounds for photos in several directions. :). They also had a brilliant, patient, fun mom who brought skittles to help entice smiles. (She knows I love candy. I figured she brought the skittles for me too in case she needed to bribe me.)

And we got some great shots. Perfect lighting, outfit changes, great attitudes (because they're great kids). It was a fun evening!


Amy said...

You're the best, just putting more of those beauties on the wall today!

Shelle and Dan said...

So cute!