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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Honorable Mention


(But it's still a photo post... I sure hope you like looking at my photos!)

Have you heard of the Spokane Ag Expo?Yeah, I didn't figure you have. But I remember attending the show at an early age, and now I send my own kids with Dad and Grandpa.

It's the big event every year for local farmers. Products, networking, business, services, big equipment... and I found out this year, photography. When I heard about their photography contest, I knew one of the many great shots I've taken of my family's life on the farm should be entered. Up to 4 entries were possible, and I sent three of my photos in.

Whaddya know, I received an honorable mention for my favorite of the three! The top three entries got cash... but I get mentioned and a ribbon. :) Still an honor, for sure.

First shot: the Honorable Mention

Second and Third shots: My other entries

But also a challenge to myself-- I gotta shoot for the cash! Next year, I'll be entering again. I already have three new photos picked out. And that 4th entry? I plan on taking many more shots between now and then to pick another new entry.

Focus and click! :)


Amy said...

I don't even need to see the other entries, you should have taken all the cash!!! Great shot, you are so talented!

Shelle and Dan said...

Awesome! That was my favorite too!