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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy NSD!

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!

My original plan for the day was to spend three hours doing a free online video class from the CK website. I know, I know. I told several of you about my plan, and now you'll see I had to abandon the idea. After having a hard time finding the basic AND the inspirational supplies, I decided to postpone it. And when I realized the class was 1-4 pm EASTERN time I really realized it would be impossible (that's 10-1 my time... which included lunch for 3 kiddos and getting nap/roomtime underway... on my own 'cause my hubby's at work). SO, I hope to take the class after I eventually get the right supplies and find three free hours to do it. After seeing the final product today, I really want to get to it sometime soon! Maybe you will too. Check out this fun mini-book class here.

INSTEAD... I visited a fave site: Designer Digitals. I tried out the "30 Minute Masterpieces" challenge and had a whirlwind of fun doing a fast digital page. I'd definitely have spent more tweaking time on it if allowed, but I think the page turned out pretty good for as fast as I blew through it! Here's my layout:

Now I'm off to edit some photos that have been patiently waiting on my hard drive, and I think I'll finish out my scrapbooking day with a little sewing on some gifts I'm making for sisters and friends. Keep your eye out for a future post on that!

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