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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Daddy's Turn

While Mommy had a Girls Weekend (look for a post about it soon!), it was "Daddy's Turn" to run the household for three days.

And I was impressed! And amazed. And so thankful. (Oh, and am ready to leave again soon if this is what happens while I'm away!)

I bet I can count 10 unexpected good things that happened at my house while I was away. Let's see...

1. Cooked dinner using a new recipe... using Pheasant (a first in our household).
2. The chimney swept.
3. The woodstove cleaned out.
4. Chocolate chip cookies made from SCRATCH.
5. The garage swept out.
6. A trip to the park.
7. Multiple rounds of the game Sequence for Kids.
8. Piano practiced.
9. New light fixtures installed.
10. Basketball tickets sacrificed to get kids to bed on time.

Isn't that incredible? Thanks so much, dear! I love you!


Mark & Brittany Sawyer said...

Way to go Dwayne! Woot, Woot!

Kaydub said...

I'd like to get away too, could you send him my way next? Surgery went well, saved the lymph nodes and no spread anywhere else. Woohoo!