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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mysterious Ways...

My friend Carrie refers to moments in life where you KNOW God is working as "God Sightings". And she was with me tonight to share in a little "God Sighting" treat!

After a crazy day and a desire to have some time "away", I got the last-minute chance to go to the Cougar/Gonzaga game tonight. Seats for this game were coveted... and I had simply written off the chance to go.

But I got to go! And I had a great friend (Carrie) who was also free to go at the very last minute (even with us leaving two husbands and 8 children behind)!

So this was a treat. I was so thankful for the chance.

Then, the GOD SIGHTING. Carrie and I sat down in our seats, and I noticed there was one free seat available in the row directly beneath me. At my knees. Lucky me... I had a less obstructed view of the court.

No, no such luck. Here comes someone to take the seat. Wait... I recognize her... it's MY SISTER!!! My sister Suzanne (who lives up near Spokane) was sitting DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF ME FOR THE WHOLE GAME! I'd only hoped to text her and find a minute to track her down in the full colesium for a hug. But instead I got to spend the game next to a great friend and just up from my own sister.

What a super treat. Thanks, God.

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Suzanne Holling said...

You know what is hilarious? I just read this but last week at campaigners (bible study the next morning after the game) We went around and said "God Sightings" from the week, and I said the exact same thing!! :)