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Monday, December 1, 2008

Completed Projects

It has taken awhile, but I completed a couple of the projects I started at the CKC convention in Seattle. (Thanks for the "giddyap", Heather!) Here's what I've done:

Two 12x12 layouts from the Scheming Around class-- making multiple layouts with the same basic roadmap... I liked the style of these projects. We were instructed to bring photos of particular sizes so that we could throw them onto the page as we created the layouts. There's a third layout that I haven't finished... maybe I'll post it sometime soon.

A make-and-take from the SEI booth-- it's going to be a christmas present for my M.I.L. At the booth they had it dangling on a tabletop ornament hanger... does anyone have ideas of where I could find such a darling addition for my mini album???

Ah, the satisfaction of completing something I started... onward ho!


Heather said...

Those look great! Thanks for sharing the cool stuff you made. :-)

Wendy said...

Hi. It's Wendy from Paper Pals. I was going to say that I have a couple things I've gotten from thrifting that would work as a display. With a coat of paint, they'd shine. One is a wooden tree meant for Easter decorations, and then I have a TON of those metal trees that are meant for displaying loose photos. Let me know. I'd be glad to share.

elizabeth said...

cute pages and i love the little book!

elizabeth kartchner