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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Spool of Thread.

I enjoy simple things. And I wanted to portray it in my blog.

While looking around to find something to visually state simplicity, I came across this wooden spool with orange fiber wound around it.

My second grader found the fiber on her school playground (presumably unravelled from another child's winter scarf). My sweet girl thought of her mom, brought it home and wound it onto the spool. "You can use this in your scrapbooking, mom" she said.

This gesture reminds me of the simple things one can do to encourage, entertain, inspire and love on people. Like these:

1. your child thinking of you while they're away at school
2. your fellow SAHMs gifting you with miniature roses as a "thanks" for facilitating and coordinating our gatherings.(this is last year's group... I forgot to get a photo yesterday...)

3. being complimented and encouraged on your vocal talents (last night was practice for praise band).
5. learning about others and becoming virtual friends through this world of blogging.

3. receiving a comment on your blog or Facebook page.
4. Having a blog post written about you (you're the best, Heather thanks a million! This definitely made my day.)

Yeah, my simple life ROCKS. And, well... it rolls too. But mostly it ROCKS. And I intend to "keep on keepin' on" in hopes that I can help create simple joys for others too.

So... I want comments! :) What is a simple joy in your life right now? Can't think of one? Then what simple joy could you use right now?


Heather said...

As someone who lives in an apartment and doesn't get a nice, grassy lawn, I miss being barefoot and outside. When I walk home from work (especially when I'm in sandals), I purposely don't walk on the sideway. I walk on the grass and feel it swishing along my feet. It makes me feel home-y.

And you are welcome! I meant everything I said, and I hope I get to see more of you around.

Heather said...

I meant "sidewalk." I think I need a nap, which is another simple joy.

Suzanne Holling said...

LOVE IT!...just about brought me to tears. these hormones are still lingering. btw you look awesome, jake even commented the other day and i forgot to tell you. hope 2 see you soon!!!

Becky said...

sigh......great post! And I thought you grabbed that photo off the internet at first then kept reading and to think Miss Sadie did that JUST FOR YOU!!! made me smile. Thank you, Angela, for this tonight!

Shelle and Dan said...

Your sweet kids make me smile. Your list of simple things makes me smile. Heather's post really made me smile. Look at all the smiles you're inspiring today!

3 little and 2 big liks said...

thanks for making me #1 on your 'favorites'!! :)
you are blogging QUEEEN!! i just discovered ALL your other blogs...i'll add them to 'my favs'! ROCK!!! :)