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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Friday Fave-- Sisters!

I love my sisters. I'm so thankful to have a few siblings and to share life with all of them.

Today I think specificially of my sisters. I got to spend a little time with them both at Christmas, and we caught this cute shot of them:
:) Well, we caught Julie... and Suz' belly! :) Suz is going to have a baby boy anytime now (her second boy), and we're all pretty excited about it. Prayers for her as she goes through the birthing process...

So I'm thinking of my sisters right now. Mommies. Aunties. Wives. Love them!

(And in all fairness, a shot of Suz' face too... along w/ me and my bro... all four of us on Christmas morn!)


H Love said...

your family is so much fun! Love this pic. Praying for Suz and sweet baby boy!

Clover said...

Wow!! So fun to see everyone all grown up. We are OLD. :)

Hee hee...My word verification for this post is "blessem." How appropriate!

Shelle and Dan said...

I {heart} your sisters too! Congrats to Suz on the new little one. I'm sure she's relieved :)

Kristi said...

What an awesome Christmas morning shot. Really love it in black and white.