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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Olive Oil

My life is a bit like my olive oil right now.

See this? One bottle is ALMOST empty. But there is still some left. And my thrifty tendancies will run that bottle completely dry before it's thrown out.  But do you also notice the full new bottle next to it? I am also a person who's "always" prepared and has the next supply ready to go.

Recently I've noticed this scenario in a few places... my face moisturizer, the bottle of hair conditioner... and, oh yeah, my life. Working on shifting from one phase (or bottle) to another.

I'm at a transitional point in life. Soon my kids will all be at school every day. New working opportunities are on the horizon for my hubby. I'm transitioning out of some places I'm serving and considering what's next-- a job? Hmmm.... No matter what it will be, I want to glorify God and do His will for my life.

My life is like the olive oil. There's still some leftover "old" (but still good) stuff that needs to be finished before I jump into the big, new, fresh and GREAT stuff (notice the brands of olive oil? I'm even upgrading in quality!).

For me, the hard part is the timeline. I don't think I'll be totally done with the old bottle of olive oil for quite awihle. In fact, the new bottle of olive oil has already been sitting in my cupboard in anticipation for over a month.

So as I try to {patiently} wait on God and His timing and plan, I've decided to revisit the wildly popular "Purpose Driven Life" book by Rick Warren.
Last time I read the book, I was a mom of a toddler and a baby. Now I have three kids growing wings. My days look different. The plan for our family's future is transitioning. I think it will be healthy to journey once again for 40 days rediscovering my purpose as my life is changing.

Wanna join me?

(Seriously. I decided to try this via a Facebook event. I'm starting the 40 day devotional on Monday the 31st. We'll read 5 days a week (your choice on days) and finish by March 26. If you didn't get invited to "THE EVENT" on FB, let me know and I'll invite or friend you so you too can come and chat. I'll send out new event reminders each 10 days of the study to just keep us all on track. You can share things on the wall there or send personal messages. So I hope you join. I could use the support!)

And we'll have stir fry for dinner. :)


H Love said...

you are so great! love this analogy and can totally relate! What if I don't want to open that new bottle?? Ugh! I may have to join in once we return from our trip. Love your leadership and heart!

Elizabeth said...

I love your analogy of using olive oil like that in your life!! I look forward to sharing in the amazing things God is doing in your life! Take hold of Him!