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Monday, May 30, 2011

In Memory

Today as I remember those who have served our country and gave the ultimate sacrifice, this image comes to mind.

A year ago on Memorial Day weekend I was in Saipan. I visited the American History Museum that has a great display of the story behind the Battle for the Marianas.

That day, this older gentleman was intently studying the facts. Standing there in his hawaiian print shirt with nice tanned skin... likely on vacation just like me.

Oh how I wish I'd asked him his story. I'm assuming he is a veteran. His age, interest in the artifacts and even body language told me he had a history with our military.

Was that picture on the wall his plane? Did he fight against the Japanese during that bloody battle? Was the man pictured at the right a friend he knew? Or perhaps it's a picture of him???

I guess I'll never know. But just seeing him there and having this image from that day makes me so grateful for what the american soldiers did for us then in that one battle.

And that was only one battle. The lives lost in all military situations where we had brave men and women fighting for our freedom is unspeakable. But my gratitude for them all is neverending.

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