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Monday, May 16, 2011

Lesson Three: Portraiture 101

This last week's portraiture assignment was to photograph someone from a specific age group. I chose children-- partly because I had a perfect model in mind! :)

My sweet middle child offered to have her picture taken... a couple hundred times. :) I got some really fun shots of Allison and picked the following shot to turn in for my assignment:

And if you're interested, you can listen to to what Candice has to say about the shot here.

And, I have to share a few more of my favorites here too because like I said, we took hundreds! :) The shot above is SOC (straight out of the camera), and the ones below I edited in Photoshop Elements.


Anonymous said...


Sam said...

Nice job angela!!

Brittany said...

BEAUTIFUL! Where did you take those! LOVE THEM!

Lisa S. said...

These look wonderful!

Amy said...

Oh wow, those are amazing, and you can't tell at all that Allison was being paid for this!! :)

Rob, Julie and Mya Tiegs said...

DARLING!!! Love the model and the cute photos!