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Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Faves

I have two favorite "reading blogs" as I like to call them (Blogs, after all, were created for writing. However,my visual brain is very thankful for the photo and video capabilities. As you probably know, that's what my blog contains... visual elements.)

If I am going to spend some time each day reading, it will most likely be the bible and/or these two blogs. They're written by funny Christians who have great insight. And, they are pretty regular writers, so that keeps me coming back.

One author I've never met. The other I'm so thankful that I get to see most every week.

The author I've never met: John Acuff. His blog: Stuff Christians Like.

So funny. So real. So relatable. His book just came out this last week and if you scroll down through his most recent posts you can see a lot more info on it. And his April 1 Free Download offer is real. I got it and am laughing through his book. Find that free offer here.

The author who I'm lucky to see every week is Anna. Her blog: Farkles and Frinkles.

She's a mom in the trenches who has a gift to see God's hand in all she does throughout her day. I hope one day to come here and promote her book to you too.

Check out the blogs. You'll be glad you did!


Shelle and Dan said...

You're right, both blogs are great. I just got my SCL book from Amazon and am laughing my way through it.

Shelden Family 4 said...

I agree--I am regularly uplifted in tears and laughs at this girl! God truly gave her the gift of writing!